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April 1, 2002

Dear Friends,

Hunger Relief Drive - A World of Thanks!

Mere words fail to express the gratitude that the MWA Executive Committee is feeling today. Because of your financial support and hard work in mobilizing your friends, co-workers, church members and others, to date we have raised $9,730.00 towards the famine relief effort! On Friday, March 29, we were able to wire $9,700.00 to the Lions Club's National Bank account. (We received a $30.00 donation after the wire had taken place.)

As you are aware, the Executive Committee was tasked to identify a local group with a high degree of accountability to receive and effectively utilize these funds. We immediately contacted the Lions Club (Malawi) to aid us in our selection. We realize that it has been a timely process, but we wanted to make a very concise decision; the issue was discussed during the Lions Club's Board and General Meetings.

The Lions Club will supervise the procurement and equal distribution of food to the two designated areas listed below:

a) In Kasungu, through the District Commissioner, who has victims from villages as far as Nkhotakota, who are currently camped at the community center ground. In addition to the food crisis, many are afflicted by cholera. Medicine is now in critical need as well.

b) Lilongwe Central Hospital has a guardians shelter which is always over-booked. Many of the hungry have wondered into PTCs and residential areas in search of food. A Catholic medical missionaries sisters fellowship group, based at Lilongwe Central Hospital and headed by Sister Annie of Ireland, is coordinating the famine relief effort there and has volunteered to administer the relief from MWA to the guardians.

(Full media coverage will be arranged, and we will post the pictures of the distribution of aid from MWA on our website when available.)

Our work is not done yet...April 10-17, MWA, in collaboration with the Africa Club at the World Bank/IMF, will hold a fundraising campaign in support of the victims of the famine back home. A committee of Bank/Fund staff and MWA members are working on the logistics. We will soon designate a reputable international organization to receive the funds raised from this campaign. More information will be forwarded to you soon.

Again, thanks to all Malawians in the DC area, friends of the Malawians in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, and to our friends in Boston and West Virginia for a tremendous effort thus far! Special thanks to the Mark Winkler Company, Mark Winkler Foundation, PADCO Inc, Eddie Naming'ona and Peter Kapakasa.

Lets continue to work together.

MWA Executive Committee