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Feburary 24, 2002

Dear Friends,

Famine at Home: What You Can Do to Help

A considerable amount of constructive discussion occurred on the MWAList last week. Several ideas were exchanged on how we, as a community, can mobilize and help during this period of grave famine back home. The Executive Committee was very mindful of the discussion during our meeting on Saturday.

The outcome: given the urgency of the current situation, the Association has made an initial pledge of $1,000.00 towards famine relief efforts. We are now appealing to all members and friends to collectively match or top the Association's pledge.

With your help and demonstrated commitment, we will be able to raise at least $2,000.00. We are in the process of identifying a group with a high degree of accountability, that will best utilize these funds.

In the interim, to make a donation please make your check out to the "Malawi Washington Association" and write FAMINE RELIEF on the memo line. Our mailing address is:

Malawi Washington Association
11228 Georgia Avenue, Suite #4
Silver Spring, MD 20902
Phone: 301-962-4222,
Fax: 301-962-4223

Feel free to contact any members of the Committee with questions. We look forward to working with all of you, as a community of Malawians aboard concerned about what is happening in our country.

MWA Executive Committee