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April 11, 2001

Welcome to the MWA kids club

Our first meeting (April 8, 2001) was difficult but we got through it. Important decisions were made. The following are the positions and the officers.

Veronica Kankwalala - President
Tawina Zulu- Vice President
Nive Lindeire- Treasurer
Sayi Lindeire - Secretary
Jena Mtila Doka- News Letter Editor

Talent shows
Fund Raisers
Car Washes
Magic shows
Bake sales
Lemonade sales

At every club meeting, members will be required to bring at least 25 cents contributions to the budget. The cakes will be five dollars, cup cakes are 75cents. We are looking for some benevolent grown ups to be our sponsors and assist us with our budget and finances. Brownies are 25 cents, and cookies in a box are three dollars. One cookie is 25 cents.

We made up our own theme song,
"We got the power ole ole ole
Mwa got the power ole ole ole
The red green were black
we put the zest in fire
Ole Ole Ole

Nive has suggested a wonderful dance step, we all practiced and learned it.

In two weeks, the club meeting will be at Tawina Zulus house In three weeks it will be at Jena Mtila Doka's house in Silver Spring. We are asking parents to host us. We have a couple of junior members who also attended the meeting.

Kamana Kamkwalala
Rehema Mtila Doka
Sauma Upile Mtila Doka
They all attended the meeting. The junior members are welcome to attend the meetings. We are observing how they cope with serious meetings, if they behave they might be invited to come to the table.

Again we are looking for parents sponsors and advisors, at this point, every committee members parent is the advisor, but we need sponsors and benefactors (big word).

For information, or to joint, please call Veronica Kamkwalala or Nive and Sayi Lindeire, their phone numbers are in the original newsletter.


Jena Mtila Doka
301 588 3942
News Letter Editor
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