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March 10, 2002

2002 Membership Appeal

Dear Friends,

Belated New Year’s wishes! We are pleased to announce the 2002 Malawi Washington Association Executive Committee, following elections that were held on December 15, 2001. A list of the entire Committee is enclosed. We are diverse both in age and in thought, but united in our mission to serve our members and country.

These are challenging times for our Association, which is based in an area so closely affected by the events of September 11, the long-term impact of which is yet to be determined, but has already heightened negative attitudes towards foreigners, and is likely to influence immigration law - both of which will touch many of us living in the United States. We also exist in a time when our country is experiencing a devastating famine, while still plagued by HIV/AIDS and other socio-economic ills. It is during these times that we contemplate what WE can do as a community of Malawians living aboard.

The Malawi Washington Association (MWA), a member-based group, is responding to some of these needs. We are in the midst of an appeal to raise money for the victims of the famine back home. Last year, our members raised funds towards flood relief efforts in Malawi and sent textbooks to the University of Malawi. We launched our official website and listserv, both have served as informative tools of communication. We also brought Malawians together from across the United States and beyond during our annual Extravaganza Weekend and other social gatherings held throughout the year.

Our members made a difference. MWA has grown because of their time, commitment and financial support. We have journeyed quite a distance; yet the road is still long. Your $30/single or $60/family annual membership contribution will enable MWA to continue and advance its work on behalf of our local community and country; it will also empower you with a voice and a sense of belonging. Please fill out the enclosed form and return it, along with your contribution, to MWA’s headquarters.

Become a member and get involved in YOUR Association.

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Best Regards,

Elisa Munthali

Peter Kapakasa